Call for Papers

HDCA 2013 Annual Conference

Human Development:  Vulnerability, Inclusion and Wellbeing

All HDCA 2013 Conference participants that are submitting papers must send your proposed poster, paper or panel using the appropriate form at
The Call for Papers with full instructions can be downloaded here.


Submission of proposals: Now extended until 8th April 2013
Announcement of acceptance/rejection: 8th May 2013
Registration with early–bird-fee: 15th July 2013
Submission full papers/posters: 31st July 2013
Registration with latecomer-fee: 1st August 2013

Special Topics of Interest:

The 2013 HDCA Conference aims at establishing conceptual frameworks and programmes of action to reduce inequality, vulnerability and social exclusion. While papers pertaining to any aspect of human development and the capability approach are welcome, the following topics are of particular interest to Nicaragua.




Sovereignty and Food Security

Social rights and food security


Approaches to measure women's empowerment

Redistribution of Fiscal Policy

Impact of fiscal policy in Nicaragua and potential adjustments to fiscal policy (spending and taxes) in the future from the perspective of human development


Identifying those factors that can make communities resilient in the face of climate change.  

Ethics and Human Development

 Analyzing the ethical foundations of policy and ensuring that globalization and technical advances enhance people's wellbeing rather than undermine it.

 Wellbeing within the Framework of Multi-ethnic State

Intercultural and inter-ethnic relations are more than the recognition of cultural differences. It needs respect to the difference, so that the collective rights of peoples and communities will be recognized, as a "national culture", rather than being subsumed within the parameters of "a cultural group".